ESPN Tournament Challenge

Transforming welcome experience for #1 bracket game app.

In a Nutshell
Bounce Rate Down by 13%
Improved UI
Improved Team Culture

I lead the team to elevate and modernize visuals for the welcome experience and decrease bounce rate by 13%.

Users drop out when app is loading for too long and seems "frozen", outdated visuals
Collaboration between multiple departments, engineering constraints.
May - June 2023
Lead a team of motion designers, graphic designer, content designer and 2 teams of engineers.
Problems and Opportunities
Business Need
Figure out a way to introduce new unified Disney sign in flow into the current ESPN use case.
When the app loads for the first time it may take some time. Users drop out, because they think that the app "froze".
Revamp the visuals and make more modern, seamless, exciting and in alingnment with the new brand.
Create an updated modern sign in experience in accordance with the latest Tournament Challenge brand guidelines and new Disney account creation flow. Account for the edge cases when it takes a while to load and give user visual feedback that it's still loading.
Previous TC app experience
Competitive analysis has shown the current trend for elevated and exciting welcome experiences with lots of motion. Most companies allow users to experience the app first before asking them to create an account. Another trend was for unification of sign up / sign in buttons under one CTA "Get started" or personalization flow.
Some of our direct and indirect competitors: Sleeper, Bleacher Report and NBA
1. Aligning with stakeholders
Welcome experience is especially important in the app like Tournament Challenge, because most users in March either download it for the first time or have to fully update it. I had to make sure that my product partners and design partners from other Disney departments are fully on board and support this design direction. I created a chart of various welcome experiences on the market and explained how we can use this to better fit the new One-ID sign-in flow that was being launched by Disney while at the same time creating a better expereince for the user.  
Creating visual charts usually really helps in communicating with stakeholders.
2. Defining UX flow.
Together with engineering partners we defined three stages of the welcome experience.
Stage 1 - splash screen with a flat image
Stage 2 - app loading with continuous looped movement
Stage 3 - intro animation ending with CTAs
UX Flow, defined after feedback from the development team
Three stages of welcome experience
3. Collaborating with Motion & Graphic Design
In order to create artwork and motion sequences for the suggested concept I had to collaborate with my fantastic and very talented co-workers in Graphic Design, Motion Design and Content Design.  My job was to explain the concept, the requirements, provide storyboards and align on aesthetics.
"Empty Court" concept storyboards that I created to collaborate with graphic designer
From concept to final design of the home page.
Mocking out prototypes from existing graphics and assets to makee sure we align on the exact lottie files needed for delivery
3. Visual feedback for loading stage
Old vs New App Loading stage - collaboration with content designer, motion designer and graphic designer.
Visual reference
As we were moving along in the design process I would often make prototypes to make sure all teams are aligned on where the design was taking us.
Working with design systems and engineers
Delivery included redlines, motion specifications, lottie files, video and clickable prototypes.
Some sections of delivery file
Bounce Rate Down by 13%
Less users leave the app during the loading time.
Improved UI
Better elevated visuals lead to a more enjoyable and modern experience.
Improved Team Culture
Cross-functional partnership between product design, motion design, graphic design, contend design and 2 team of engineers is not something that happens often and has strengthened our culture.
Final Screens
Live Build
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ESPN TC Welcome Experience
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